Where’s my goalpost, mate?

8 05 2008

This is the preview of upcoming BMH.

(Won’t be discussed in BMH. It’s just to get you started) =)

Simple. It’s so simple it’s scary. To get anything you want, there are only 2 important steps that count. Do these right and you’re free to add in any other steps. Skip these and all your other steps won’t count.

1. Decide what you want to do

2. Do what you’ve decided

Simple, eh?

Yet, most of us (yes, even yours truly) do not do it right sometimes.

Here’s the typical implementation of that 2 steps:
1. ————————–
2. Do – whatever

That’s a recipe for disaster or at least it’s not a surefire way to succeed. Why? Because we haven’t define success in the first place. Simply put, where’s the goalpost, mate? We can’t score without goalpost. We can’t get a strike (or spare) if we don’t have pins.

Worse, since we don’t have any direction, any path will do
. We do things out of routine. We do things because that’s what everyone wants us to do. We do things because that’s what indoctrinated upon us.

We go to class because we have to. I don’t even know what we’re suppose to learn today.
We go to university because that’s what everyone does. When you have degree, your salary should be higher right?
We go oversea because… it’s cool! Hey, have you been to Gold Coast?

We’re already good at doing things (there’s always room for improvement, though). It’s just that we have slight problems with what we’re doing and determining the outcome of our action.

Question (it’s kinda rhetorical) : Where do you see yourself in 3, 5 and 10 years?

Bonus question: What’s your projected outcome of attending the next BMH?




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9 05 2008
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